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What can i expect at an IEP Meeting?

Every year, the IEP team meets for the Annual IEP.

At this meeting, you can expect the child's family, general education teacher, school administration designee, and all special education services providers (i.e., special education teacher, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, etc.) to meet and discuss the following:

  • Parent concerns for child's academic progress

  • Progress on last year's IEP goals

  • Present levels of your child's academics, communication, social/emotional, motor, and health abilities

  • New proposal of IEP goals and special education services (i.e., speech therapy, specialized academic support, etc.)

  • Discuss state testing and classroom accommodations 

  • Address any other concerns of your child's academics, accessibility and inclusion at school

  • Provide parents with procedural safeguards (a method to be sure that the IEP is being carried out as agreed upon)

The school staff are there to answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to ask if you feel confused about anything.

Other than the Annual IEP, you may be invited to a Triennial IEP, a Transition IEP, or an IEP addendum.

A Triennial IEP occurs every three years and includes an assessment or file review to determine if your child continues to be eligible for Special Education Services.

A Transition IEP occurs when a child is over the age of 15. At this meeting, the IEP team discusses and plans for the child's transition from high school to continuing education, independent living and the workforce. 


A IEP addendum is typically a meeting to address necessary changes or discussions to the current Annual IEP that cannot wait for the next Annual IEP meeting.